The Grand Boulevard was a large street in Maerimydra.[1]


Situated in the center of Maerimydra, the Grand Boulevard neatly bisected the city into its northern and southern sections. It was roughly 750 ft (228.6 m) long and 150 ft (45.7 m) wide and flanked at either end by long sweeping staircases that led up to the Courtyard of Lolth in the west and Castle Maerimydra in the east.[1][2]


The Grand Boulevard had long been the busiest part of Maerimydra, owing to its central position and the political and religious institutions it connected. However, in 1372 DR, during the Silence of Lolth the armies of Kurgoth Hellspawn invaded and took over much of the city, including the boulevard. Afterwards, it became a very dangerous place to travel; thanks to its openness, it was very hard to move about unnoticed and frequent patrols and campsites would appear along its length.[1]

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For much of Maerimydra's history, the Grand Boulevard was bustling with drow but after the Silence of Lolth, the street became home to the bugbears, goblins, fire giants, and ogres who had set up campsites along it.[1]




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