This unnamed graveyard was a graveyard in the Mere of Dead Men.[1]


This graveyard was located near Fort Locke.[1]


The graveyard was composed of smaller graves and two stone crypts.[1]


The smaller crypt held some minor magical items. The bigger crypt held many more treasures, but many more undead, led by the shadow priest.[1]


This graveyard was one of many sites where the King of Shadows clashed with the Neverwinter army. The graveyard was built to contain many dead soldiers, without any names.

The graveyard was infested by zombies and skeletons when the shadow priest was ordered to raise an army, by Black Garius' demands. Commander Tann and his men (Bruneil, Blaine and Garret) were captured. The Kalach-Cha could've rescued them (except Garret, who died) and lead them out of the graveyard.[1]




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