Gray Hand Enforcers were highly trained elite members of the Gray Hands, the elite fighting force of Waterdeep, serving directly under the employ of the city's Lords. Enforcers were known for their loyalty to Waterdeep, their disregard for any formalities and most of all for not fearing death.[1]


Gray Hand Token
All enforcers were given a small token with the symbol of the Gray Hands. Anyone who bore this bauble could not be arrested or otherwise hindered unless ordered so by a Lord of Waterdeep or by a magistrate or civilar of the City Guard or City Watch.
Dragonward Strike
Enforcers were able to draw upon the power of Alghairon's dragonward to increase the power of their attack.
Lords' Boon
High-level enforcers of the Gray Hands gained the ability to heal their own wounds.[1]


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