Gray Hunt is an adventure module from the RPGA Legacy of the Green Regent campaign.


The party must violate a treaty between Loudwater and the Zhentarim in order to prevent the possibility of a greater conflict. Orc migrants from the Loudwater side of the territorial border are raiding Zhent land and Loudwater needs to stop them... without anyone knowing that they are doing so.

So you seek to hear stories of wondrous adventure? Then sit for a while and I will spin you a tale. Like my mother, I am a bard. You may have heard of my mother – she composed the Ballad of the Dream Weaver in Secomber many years ago. Perhaps you have heard of it? Regardless, the tale I have for you this evening is very different. For it is the tale of Loudwater and the Delimbiyr Vale. And this tale begins just a year ago.
  — Teseryne Truesilver

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