Grayclaws were a set of claw-like weapons favored by the Grayclaws thieves' guild of Tantras, who took their name from these blades.


Grayclaws consisted of a set of leather gauntlets that strapped to the hand fitted with brass knuckles, from which projected razor-sharp blades. They were similar to the bagh nakh wielded in some eastern lands. [note 1]


Grayclaws were a slashing weapon, lightly damaging but fast. A trained user could be dangerous in battle, and Grayclaws thieves, specialized in their use, could deliver a devastating sneak attack on their targets.

The claws had another use, in gripping surfaces while climbing, enabling to climb faster and more surely. A Grayclaws thief could use them to scale a wall with ease. However, they tended to hamper the wearer's hand movements in other areas, and they could not be donned or doffed quickly.


A set of grayclaws typically cost 3 gold pieces, though they were rarely available on the open market.[1]



  1. The Indian bagh nakh or tiger claws were statted for 3rd edition D&D in the Arms and Equipment Guide. This also presents the nekode, a similar weapon with a bonus to climbing, and should probably be considered equivalent to grayclaws in 3rd edition.

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