The Graycloaks[1] was the militia that protected the city of Neverwinter in the 14th century DR.[2]


The Graycloaks earned their name from the grey cloaks they wore, as they didn't had the funds to afford proper uniforms.[1]


The Graycloaks had 400 members, a mounted force of archers and spearmen, although they were trained in the use of other weapons.[2][3] Females and males were treated as equals within their ranks.[3]

In peacetime, 60 Greycloaks always acted as Neverwinter's police force while 60 of them were on leave and other 60 were re-training.[2]


The Graycloaks had two garrisons, at the northeastern and southeastern gates.[2]


Besides their arms and grey cloaks, the militia had the blastglobes made by the Many-Starred Cloak wizards, although they used such magic items only in times of need.[2]


The Graycloaks were disbanded after the destruction of Neverwinter.[1]


The Graycloaks faction of the Sons of Alagondar got their name from the milita.[1]



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