The Great Spire of the Ice Sea was a giant structure found on an uncharted island located near the middle of Yal Tengri.[1]


This cold, desolate place was windy around the year. Scant vegetation grew on the island.[1]


A lone towering spire jutted upward from the island's surface, appearing like a tower from a great cathedral. The spire was visible from anywhere on the island. The spire sparkled in the sun, and sailors used this landmark when sailing the frigid waters nearby.[1]


The Great Spire was the work of gnomish engineers. A small group of gnomes who worshiped Gond lived on the island in half-buried communities around the base of the spire. The gnomes busied themselves with constructing the special glass used to maintain the spire.[1]

The gnomes believed an ancient prophecy that stated that the world would be returned to the glory of Gond when the spire was completed. This ancient prophecy was lost after the time of the Raumathar empire, but was rediscovered during the 11th century DR.[1]

The gnome worshipers of Gond believed that they would have completed the spire much sooner, but a sub-sect of gnomes who called themselves the Glass-breakers began thwarting their efforts.[1]

The actions of both groups have left any work on the spire in a stalemate.[1]



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