The Great Swamp of Rethild, also known simply as the Great Swamp or Rethild, was a swamp in Dambrath.[1]


The Great Swamp was filled with moss, cypress trees, and zalantar trees and home to giant leeches, toads and snakes. It served as the homeland of intelligent species like lizardfolk, bullywugs and tasloi. It was always muggy and full of biting insects. Noxious vapors came up through the water and hung above the ground in great clouds of yellow, brown, or green gas. Some of these gases were poisonous or carried diseases, such as cackle fever and mindfire.[1]


The Great Swamp was located on the western border of Dambrath. It was separated from Halruaa by the East Wall mountains.[1] [3]


The Great Swamp was home to numerous tribes of lizardfolk, bullywugs, and tasloi, as well as giant leeches, toads, and snakes. The black dragon Valraxxath dwelt in the center of the swamp in a ruined city.[1] Shambling mounds could also be found in the swamp.[2]

  • Kethid - the nation of lizardfolk, who were famous for their mercenaries.[4]


  • Rethild, a lizardfolk settlement in the center of the swamp.[3]


The Great Swamp was cursed by an ancient wizard.[citation needed] It was once home to a city of sarrukhs.[3]

In 1372 DR the lizardfolk kingdom led by Ghassis was known as Kethid. [1] By the year 1472 DR its name had changed to Ilimar.[3]



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