A great galley was a large ship used for both war and commerce on the Sea of Fallen Stars, primarily by the nations of Chessenta and Mulhorand.[1]


The great galley was an improvement on the design of the dromond, having more sails and fewer oars and rowers. It was about 130 ft (40 m) along the keel and 20 ft (6.1 m) across the beam, with three masts and 140 rowers. Under sail, the minimum crew size was 40. When fully loaded for war, the maximum crew size including rowers was 200. The great galley had a higher sailing speed and better maneuvering ability than the dromond, but could not match the dromond's speed when all oarsmen were engaged. When used for war, a ram was built into the bow and up to three large weapons (such as catapults or ballistae) could be mounted fore, aft, and amidships. The great galley was not particularly seaworthy and its large crew size and cramped quarters usually kept them close to shore.[1]


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