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County Greenshores was at the base of the Dragon's Neck Peninsula in Tethyr.[1]


Greenshores was the eastern most of the three counties of the Duchy of Cape Velen. It bordered Duchy Noromath to the east.[3]

The county benefited from the passage of the Trade Way through its lands.[1]


The people of Greenshores were the only humans in Tethyr whom the elves of the Wealdath respected for their ability to live alongside nature without destroying it. As a rule, the citizens of Greenshores preferred a simple life among the trees. This meant that they were often considered a backwater folk by others in the country.[1]


In 1370 DR, County Greenshores was ruled by Mosstone local Jordy Gallum. The Count's seat of power was at Kirgard.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

This town on the Trade Way was in harmony with nature.[1]
Port Kir 
This coastal town was known as the "Seacity" of Tethyr.[1]



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