Brother Gregor was an alchemist dedicated to Oghma who lived in the city of Ormpetarr around 1479 DR.[1] Gregor was touched by wild magic and had a spellscar that allowed him to know the effects that any ingredients would have on a potion.[2]


Gregor was apprenticed to an alchemist at an early age. Later in life, he was touched by the Spellplague and acquired a spellscar that gave him abilities that made him one of the best alchemists in Faerûn.[2]

In 1478 DR, he had a vision that the Kelemvoran monastery in Impiltur should move to Ormpetarr. He was able to convince the monks to travel to Ormpetarr and begin construction on a new monastery.[2]

Gregor was able to develop an elixir that conferred partial immunity to the effects of the Spellplague. The Order of Blue Flame used the potion in their ritual to enlarge the Plaguewrought Land. Gregor was uneasy with the methods of the Order but he believed their goal was to contain areas of wild magic, so he cooperated with the Order's plans. After Tyrangal and Duvan disrupted the Order's ritual to move the Plaguewrought Land's border, Tyrangal imprisoned Gregor and convinced him to conduct research on her behalf.[2]


His hair was black and dusted with silver. He kept his beard neatly trimmed. His spellscar bleached his hair and skin around his left ear pale.[3]



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