Greshrukk, or Red Eye, was an old red dragon turned into a disembodied dracolich.[2][1]


Greshrukk was to be the nascent Berduskan Dragon Cult's second attempt at creating a dracolich, at the request of Shhuusshuru. When they first attempted to transform him into a night dragon however, the attempt was unsuccessful, as Harpers attacked just as the ceremony was being completed and slew Red Eye.[2]

However, Red Eye's spirit was not transferred into a body as planned, but was believed to reside within his intended phylactery, a glassteeled ruby set into the pommel of a magic longsword named Dragonstooth, which was lost in the fighting that interrupted his transformation. Both the Harpers and the Cult sought the weapon by 1370 DR.[2]

Eventually, a band of adventurers came across the sword. The Cult got their hands on the adventurers but Greshrukk was not successfully transformed after the ensuing battle and was still trapped in the sword's pommel.[3]



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