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Grguch was the powerful ogrillon chieftain of the much feared Clan Karuck.


Grguch was highly adept at throwing huge javelins from an atlatl. He also carried a huge greataxe named Rampant that was fashioned in the shape of a dragon.


Grguch and the powerful Clan Karuck of mighty orcs and ogres emerged from a lesser section of the Underdark when prompted by three sly orcs to challenge King Obould. Dnark, the leader of the Wolf Jaw tribe, Toogwik Tuk, shaman of Yellow Fang, and elder shaman Ung-thol all deemed Obould's complacency on Mithral Hall's doorstep to be unsatisfactory to the word of Gruumsh. Due to his half-orc, half-ogre heritage, Grguch was immensely large and powerful. In fact, the chieftain was one of the few warriors to engage King Obould in battle and seemingly gain the upper hand. After turning his attention from the orc king, Grguch also battled King Bruenor for a short while, until Obould stepped in and slew the fellow orc.


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