Griffon's Nest is a village in an area of grass-cloaked hills west of the Shining Creek. The village is one of the few permanent Uthgardt settlements. The village itself is made up of about 20 thatched log huts that are sealed with baked earth. These huts are arranged around a couple warehouses and a longhall. The entire village is encircled by a stout log palisade. There are also about a dozen small farms on the outskirts of this palisade. Outsiders are watched closely by the Uthgardt who live around here, and lookouts can call upon groups of javelin-throwing pony-riders swiftly if trouble makes itself clear.[1]

Adventurers of all kinds can be found in Griffon's Nest. Some of these individuals may be undercover Harper or Zhentarim agents, the Cult of the Dragon, or even Red Wizards of Thay.[2]


Griffon's Nest was once a bandit hold that was controlled by a man named Azglyn and his band of half-orcs. The Uthgardt barbarians moved in and slaughtered them all, claiming the area as their own.[1]


The Griffons here pan for gold, hunt, and trade crafted items with merchants who stop by from the Long Road.[1]


The current self-declared leader of Griffon's Nest is Kralgar Bonesnapper. Kralgar has taught his tribe the prosperity of trade, and has kept fueds and lawlessness to a minimum.[1]


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