Griffon's Nest was a village in an area of grass-cloaked hills west of the Shining Creek. The village was one of the few permanent Uthgardt settlements.[1]


By 1366 DR, the village itself was made up of about twenty thatched log huts that were sealed with baked earth. These huts were arranged around a couple warehouses and a longhall. The entire village was encircled by a stout log palisade. There were also about a dozen small farms on the outskirts of this palisade. Outsiders were watched closely by the Uthgardt who lived around here, and lookouts could call upon groups of javelin-throwing pony-riders swiftly if trouble made itself clear.[1]

Adventurers of all kinds could be found in Griffon's Nest. Some of these individuals may have been undercover Harper or Zhentarim agents, the Cult of the Dragon, or even Red Wizards of Thay.[1]

By the time of the War of the Silver Marches, Griffon's Nest was a very different place. Rotting orc heads topped the wooden palisades encircling the village. Visitors were no longer welcome in Griffon's Nest and were actively attacked by the Griffon tribe. While the great chief at the time, Halric Bonesnapper, enjoyed the comforts of a king, the rest of the tribe lived in squalor. At that time, an Uthgardt shaman wandered the settlement, making sure no one spoke ill of the great chief.[2]


Griffon's Nest was once a bandit hold that was controlled by a man named Azglyn and his band of half-orcs. The Uthgardt barbarians moved in and slaughtered them all, claiming the area as their own.[1]


The Griffons here panned for gold, hunted, and traded crafted items with merchants who stopped by from the Long Road.[1] By the time of the War of the Silver Marches however, the Griffon tribe had closed its gates to all traders and visitors.[2]


In 1366 DR, the self-declared leader of Griffon's Nest was Kralgar Bonesnapper. Kralgar taught his tribe the prosperity of trade, and kept feuds and lawlessness to a minimum.[1]

Some time after the War of the Silver Marches, Kralgar's grandson Halric Bonesnapper was the great chief of Griffon's Nest. Halric met with the other tribal chieftains to settle important matters and plan for the tribe's future in a longhouse perched atop the rocky crest of Griffon's Nest.[2]



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