The Grim Jaws were a collection of four peaks over a mile high in the western Starspire Mountains in Tethyr. They were the tallest mountains in the Starspires.[1]


Each of the four mountains was over 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level. They stood to the east of the Trade Way and north of Zazesspur[1] in County Uluran.[2][3] The high valley between three of the Jaws was known as Three Peaks Vale.[1]


The lower slopes and upper mountain vales of the Grim Jaws were populated by ogres and gnolls.[1]


Circa 1250 DR, a stronghold of clerics and paladins of Tyr in Three Peaks Vale was destroyed by a horde of ogres, which slaughtered all of Tyr's worshipers.[1]



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