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Grima al-Auni min Kor was an ethoist (conservative) priest of Kor and member of the Corsair Council of Hawa.[1]


Grima had black hair and black eyes but appeared stately even though he was a hill giant.[1]


His calm manner blended well with the Council, often providing reason where others sought direct action.[1]


Grima possessed the common abilities of a priest, but used his detect lie spell often while listening to those petitioning him for sanctuary.[1]


Grima enjoyed working with children who sometimes needed protection while growing up in the violent corsair society. He was able to secure funds from the Council to build a mosque dedicated to Kor in Hawa.[1]


Grima was trained in Huzuz and was on his way to Liham, when he was captured by Jayani al-Jasir and taken to the Corsair Domains. Since then he has found his true calling among the rough inhabitants of Hawa.[1]



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