Gritchet was a halfling trickster in Waterdeep in 1479 DR.[1]


In 1479 DR, Gritchet went to Waterdeep from Amn in search of a job. Gritchet found no job but Enda Yate offered to let him join in her treasure's hunt into Undermountain and he accepted like many others.

When they ventured into Undermountain, Gritchet was chosen along with the human lowlife knee-breakers Cobb and Draskar and the half-elf market grifter Tindel to remain to watch their base while all the others led by Enda went deeper. He was shocked when his companions exploring the surrounding area slaughtered some nearby Downshadow folks.[1]


Gritchet was squeamish about killing and always tried to avoid death even among enemies.[1]


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