Grubkern was a criminal and grave-robber in the kingdom of Doegan in the Utter East[1] during the time of the Bloodforge Wars (648657 DR).[2]

In the months after Rathgar the Raider and his invaders seized control of Doegan, Grubkern was arrested and imprisoned in the castle in the Doegan Capital. He whispered of a gathering army of undead coming to rid Doegan of the invaders. As fear spread in the capital, Rathgar determined to investigate, threatening to kill Grubkern if he'd spoken falsely. He did so just in time, finding an undead horde almost at his doorstep. The Howl of Vengeance conflict broke out.[1]

If Rathgar's forces repelled the invaders, then Rathgar would pardon Grubkern. Grubkern revealed the name of the leader of the undead: Aelric the Avenger, who rallied in the Serpent Valley.[1]



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