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Grunwald was a tiny village in the North. It was the headquarters of the Thunderbeast tribe of Uthgardt barbarians.[2]


Grunwald was located in the Lurkwood of northwest Faerûn.[2]


A druid grove and a shrine to Tyr were located near the king's lodge.[citation needed]


As of the Year of the Staff, 1366 DR, the king of the Thunderbeast tribe was Gundar Brontoskin.[2]


The primary product of Grunwald was timber from the Lurkwood,[1] which was primarily traded with Mirabar and Longsaddle. Dark shanut wood was also a valuable commodity that was in demand in Waterdeep and Sundabar.[3]


This tiny village was built upon the ruins of a dwarfhold. Most homes were built of stone rubble and timber from the forest. The tunnels beneath the city were known, but considered taboo—off-limits to villagers and foreigners alike.[3]


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