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Guallidurth was a drow city deep beneath Calimshan in the Middledark of Old Shanatar.[1][2]

In the late 14th century DR, it had twenty-one ruling houses.[3] These made up the Ruling Council, but more than 200 Houses vied for power.[1]

The drow here worshiped Lolth, but each House did so in a different way, so many different sects existed throughout the city. Since building a temple to the Spider Queen was seen as the most devotional worship one could do, the city was riddled with different temples and shrines. This gave the city its nickname as the Temple City of Lolth.[1]

After the Spellplague, Mistress Mother Fizzri Khaven-Ghell systematically destroyed most of the houses until only twenty four remained.[2]


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