Guiji Yui was a samurai of Fochu Peninsula in Wa.[1]


Guiji was honest and humorless, believing in strict enforcement of the law.[1]


Guiji Yui was the shoya of the village of Osata in Fochu Peninsula.[1]


Guiji was the executioner of the previous shoya Osari Mochikino. After Mochikino's death, he was promoted to his position.[1]

In 1358 DR, Guiji met Osari Minhiro, the son of Mochikino, and a foreign adventuring party just before he executed a farmer that had violated the Keian no Furegaki (a set of laws for farmers). He welcomed the son of his former superior and his guests, but said that for any infringement of the law from them Minhiro would be dealt with immediately.[1]



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