The guild thief is a prestige class of Faerûn. Simply put, a guild thief is just a member of a city's thieves' guild, as opposed to those lone con men and cat burglars who operate solo or perhaps with a few others. The result of their membership in the thieves' guild is that a guild thief has access to assets and training that other thieves simply lack, making a Guild Thief considerably more dangerous and resourceful to those his guild may target.

Those who choose to become a guild thief come from many classes, though typically the rogue is the most common one to choose to join the thieves' guild of their chosen city. Depending on the attitude of the city however, even arcane spellcasters may choose to join in order to further their own studies.


Sneak Attack
A guild thief can use the rogue's Sneak Attack ability, even if he isn't a rogue.
A guild thief is good at talking his way into a good business deal or out of trouble.
Uncanny Dodge
A guild thief can use the rogue's Uncanny Doge ability, even if he isn't a rogue.
A guild thief can gain the ability to command lower ranking members of his Thieve's Guild. The higher his reputation, the more assets and men he can call upon.

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