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Guilmarl was a city located in southern Dambrath.[1]


Guilmarl was the southernmost city in Dambrath located along the coast on the Great Sea. Violent storms assaulted the city for the entire three-month rainy season. Many of the wealthier citizens opted to winter in calmer cities.[1]

The close presence of the Great Swamp of Rethild to the west made Guilmarl a hot and stuffy place to live.[1]


Many pirate and merchant ships harbored in Guilmarl outside of the rainy season, using the city as a launching point for Zakhara, Halruaa, and beyond.[1]

The main factor keeping the city from fading away was its superb pearl beds, allowing at least half of the population to earn a living revolving around the pearl trade.[1]


Fewer crinti lived here compared to other cities in Dambrath. Most despised the scent of the Great Swamp and chose to live elsewhere.[1]



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