A guisarme (pronounced: /gwiˈzɑːrmgwee-ZARM[2]) was a two-handed, martial, melee weapon of the pole arm family.[1]




The basic guisarme was a weaponized pruning hook mounted on a long pole. It might or might not have a back spike. The convex edge (outside curve) was sharpened for slicing all the way up to the point of the hook. An average guisarme cost 9 gp and weighed 12lbs (5.5kg).[1] There were some other pole arms that incorporated the guisarme into their design.

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The guisarme was a pole arm so it required two hands to wield. It was a reach weapon so it could strike targets 10 feet (3 meters) away but could not be used against adjacent opponents. The hook might be used to attempt to trip an enemy or pull a rider off a mount.[1] The back spike could be used for parrying or for a sideways swinging attack, but the guisarme was primarily an offensive slashing weapon. This weapon required training to use and was classified as a martial weapon.[1]

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