Gul'aanis was a drow swashbuckler in Skullport in 1379 DR.[1]


Gul'aanis's gang was involved in kidnapping and murder operations. In his free time, he went to the Crookspar Parlor gambling hall.[1]


Originally, Gul'aanis was a soldier in House Oblodra in Menzoberranzan but tired of female superiority he faked his death and escaped the city. Afterward he relocated to Skullport, where he founded the mercenary band the Cave Trolls.

Over the years, he worked well with the Agents of the Eye and the Xanathar's Thieves' Guild.

In 1379 DR, the Xanathar, in order to infiltrate an adventuring party into the lair of the slaver Lanador, with the objective of recovering one of his agents who'd been kidnapped, proposed to use Gul'aanis' cooperation.[1]


Gul'aanis never fought battles he couldn't win. He was an able gambler. Gul'aanis was an evil individual and hated elves but was always professional.[1]


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