Gundbarg, called the "Gateway Port", was a city on the island of Gundarlun in the Trackless Sea. It was the biggest settlement on the island—indeed, all the islands of the northern Trackless Sea—with a population of 12,000.


The city of Gundbarg had an economy based entirely on fishing, farming, mining, and trading. Almost every ship to cross the Trackless Sea stopped at Gundbarg to take on fresh water and food, make repairs, replace crew, or exchange goods. The city provided all the services required by these seafarers, with inns, taverns, drydocks, sailmakers, and great warehouses, and maintained reasonable prices.

The Dragon Turtle Inn by the harbor was known as a place from which to hire captains with ships, as well as a hangout for adventurers.


Gundbarg kept a standing army numbering 300 warriors. They served as city guard and crews of the six raker warships commanded by King Olger Redaxe in 1370 DR.[1][2]


Erek, the manservant of Amelior Amanitas, had a "reputation" on Gundarlun. When he and Amelior visited Gundbarg, they found the city pleasant until King Olger recognized him, necessitating a speedy departure.[3]


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