Gurdren Myrinn was a female keening spirit and a divine champion of Kiaransalee. She resided in V'elddrinnsshar in the Vault of Gnashing Teeth alongside Larynda Telenna.[1]


Insubstantial and ghostly, Gurdren Myrinn wore heavy armor forged with the likeness of demonic features. In her hands she clasped a serrated greatsword.[1]


As a keening spirit, Gurdren could release a baleful wail that afflicted creatures much like the wail of the banshee spell. Furthermore, she could rejuvenate from most defeats unless certain conditions were met.[1][2]

Since she had dedicated herself to Kiaransalee as a divine champion, Gurdren Myrinn trained extensively with the dagger (despite her seeming preference for the greatsword), which was the favored weapon of her deity. In addition, she could heal wounds with her touch, if she so wished.[1][3]


Gurdren customarily wore a set of demon armor and carried a greatsword with a serrated edge.[1]


Her high status in the church of Kiaransalee meant that she was venerated in some shrines by devotees, such as the divine seeker Paelinn.[1]


At some point in 1372 DR, Gurdren died and rose again as an undead spirit known as a keening spirit. During the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR, she was based in the Vault of Gnashing Teeth, where she held a prominent position in the church of Kiaransalee.[1]




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