The Gurum were a tribe of Ogres and ogre magi who inhabited an area of Jazirat al-Sadaf in the Crowded Sea of southwest Zakhara.[1]


The Gurum lived in dwellings or caves scattered all over the island. Each dwelling held one family that could have up to twenty members. The different families were usually at odds with each other, usually over hunting territory. Long-standing feuds were common among the Gurum.[1]

Three castes developed within Gurum:[1]

Ogre MagiEdit

The ogre magi were the most powerful, but least populous of the three castes. Long ago they invaded the island and found it populated by pure ogres. Because of their magical abilities they were able to conquer the native ogres.[1]

Pure OgresEdit

These old families never breed with the invading ogre magi. They were more educated that common ogres. They were responsible for the sacrifices made to Kar'r'rga, surrounding them with mystery to protect their traditions.[1]


The ogrima were a mixture that arose from breeding between ogres and ogre magi. They were considered to be tainted by the other castes. Ogrima made up the majority of the Gurum.[1]


All of the Gurum were fiece raiders and constructed crude boats for this purpose. Their favorite target were the Tarangu.


Yaaz Gut-Breaker, an ogre mage, ruled the Gurum. He held a court of sorts, but dissension and disagreement with his decisions was met with violent death.

Appendix Edit


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