Gustin Bone was a young wizard of moderate power who specialized in Illusion and Transmutation magic. His combat spells were quite weak. Gustin's primary source of income was through scams. [1]


The orphaned child of a wizard, Gustin displayed his magical talents early, much to the dismay of his uncle, and subsequently left his farm to seek adventure, fortune, and, possibly, a little romance. He was inspired by a tattered copy of a guide to Waterdeep that he found among his mother's possessions.

In 1479 DR he ventured from Cormyr to Waterdeep in the hopes of scamming Waterdavians out of their coin. His plan was to pay a sculptor to carve a statue of a warrior. He would then animate the statue and have it walk through the streets of Waterdeep to a room he had rented. Gustin would then claim that the statue was a long-missing paladin who had been turned to stone by some magic and that the paladin used the last of his life force to walk back to his ancestral home. Gustin would of course charge admission to see the "paladin". [1]

He commissioned a member of the Carver family to sculpt the statue. The Carvers are one of the families who handle burials, build tombes, and maintain monuments in the City of the Dead. While at the Carver compound he met young Sophraea Carver and they felt a mutual attraction. [1]

Something was upsetting the dead in the City of the Dead and Gustin helped Sophraea investigate the disturbance. Gustin attempted a ritual to end the hauntings but unfortunately, his spell backfired and woke every dead person in the graveyard. Gustin and Soprhraea were finally able to track the source of the hauntings to a noble named Dorgar Adarbrent who confessed to his scheme. Dorgar gave Gustin the ritual he used to wake the dead and he was able to end the curse and return the unquiet dead to their tombs.[1]


Gustin was tall and thin with a neatly trimmed beard and green eyes.[1]


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