Guthbert Golthammer was the last Zhent-appointed constable of Dagger Falls from c. 1368 DR until the dale's liberation in 1369 DR.


Guthbert was an ox-brained warrior but a member of both the Zhentarim and the Zhentilar. He started as a military commander of Teshwave, winning his position through the influence of his father Elzund Golthammer.[2]

Circa 1368 DR, Guthbert was appointed constable of Dagger Falls, because he fought the Freedom Riders of Randal Morn in Teshendale.

In 1369 DR, he was involved in the kidnapping of Randal Morn himself under orders of the Zhent wizard Ilthond. In the end, the situation went bad for the Zhentarim and the Freedom Riders attacked the town, defeating the Zhent soldiers. Guthbert was likely killed in the fighting.[3]


Guthbert was an amiable fellow, fearless in battle but was very slow in thinking. Thus he usually had with him a more capable second-in-command, such as the Cyricist cleric Asdag in Teshendale and the fighter Toren in Daggerdale.[citation needed]




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