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The Guts and Garters was an inn in Skullport.[1]


The inn was located off Illithid Way in the Lower Heart district of Skullport near the Feathered Rat, the Thrown Gauntlet, and the Bindle's Blade inn.[2]


The Guts and Garters was an inn in fair condition, but the rooms were of poor quality.[1]


For a few extra coins, the innkeeper would show patrons a secret passage to the alley near the Feathered Rat pet shop and provide a guard for added protection.[3]


Around 1370 DR, the inn was owned by Bolton Brimwell, who rented private rooms to those who had coin to spend.[1]


  • Rooms per hour at 5 sp
  • Rooms for 10 hours at 5 gp
  • Information on secret passage to alley outside Feathered Rat for 1 gp
  • Services of guard for 1 gp



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