Gwelt was a very ambitious arcanist of Thultanthar.[1]


In 1487 DR, Manarlume Tanthul and her sister Lelavdra Tanthul found that Gwelt was a highly dangerous individual who was plotting to kill all the Princes of Shade.

Later, Gwelt was summoned by the High Prince Telamont Tanthul, who wanted to know him. Happy with Gwelt's reactions, the Most High showed Gwelt that the Wards of Candlekeep were gone and ordered him to investigate. Later, Telamont announced to Aglarel Tanthul that Gwelt would become his herald.

Thereafter, Gwelt led all the shadovar arcanists in working great mythal-draining magic. However, he abandoned the casting just before Larloch shattered the minds of all the collected arcanists. Gwelt went to Manarlume and Lelavdra to discuss how to survive the fighting.

Later, among the ruins of the collapsed Thultanthar, the three laughed about the stupidity of the High Prince.[1]


Gwelt was friends with fellow arcanist Relvrak, who was also his tutor for a time.[1]



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