Gwynneth was an island in the Moonshae Isles[2] and was the largest of the southern islands.[3] The island was called Sarifal, mainly by its fey inhabitants[1], and they controlled most of the island.[4]

Notable Locations Edit

Caer CorwellEdit

The former seat of House Kendrick, Caer Corwell was just a ruin by 1479 DR.[5]

Citadel UmbraEdit

A castle in the middle of Winterglen that sat at an intersection of Faerûn, the Feywild and the Shadowfell. The castle was home to many dark fey and was ruled by Urphania, a hag who was banished from the Feywild by High Lady Ordalf.[5]


A magical city in the middle of Lake Myrloch that was home to 3,000 fey. The city contained a mythal that was capable of transporting the city to the Feywild.[5]

Myrloch ValeEdit

A valley that occupied the central part of the island.[3]

Sacred Grove of the EarthmotherEdit

A druid grove on the eastern shore of Lake Myrloch which contained a Moon Well.[5]


A dense forest in the northern part of Gwynneth. Forces loyal to High Lady Ordalf fought dark fey forces for control over the forest. The interior of the forest was corrupted by the power of the Shadowfell although the outer edges were relatively normal.[5]


For most of its history, Northlanders lived on the northern part of the island and the Ffolk lived in the southern lowlands of the island.[3] The Llewyrr elves have lived in Myrloch Vale.[3]


In the Year of Risen Elfkin, the Fey city of Karador rose from the waters of the Myrloch on the Island of Gwynneth. The noble leShay High Lady Ordalf proclaimed herself queen of the Island. The human kingdom of Corwell, and it capital Caer Corwell fell into ruins.[1]


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