Gyudd was a master brewer in Skullport.[2]


Gyudd had been haunted by the Melairkyn ghosts in his dreams for most of his life. Shaken and overwhelmed by the responsibility, he started to drink heavily, and this quieted the ghosts.[2]


Gyudd ran Gyudd's Distillery. In his free time, he was always in a bar drinking.[2]


Guydd was the last member of the Melairkyn dwarves and a direct descendant of King Melair IV.[2]


Gyudd arrived in Skullport circa 1310 DR and soon started his brewery and distillery. However, some time after the Melairkyn ghosts started to appear, Gyudd tried to silence them by becoming more and more drunk.[2] In 1375 DR Gyudd's dreams became too strong after the earthquake following the Halaster's death. He sold his business and hired an adventuring party to accompany him to the Belkram's Fall citadel inside Undermountain.[3]



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