Haedraline was a sarrukh who was made a Word Slave bound to the Words of Power.


The Hero of Neverwinter first met her while searching for the Words of Power, and she offered help in finding them and eventually defeating Morag. Her help was dubious, however, offering only warnings about Morag and Maugrim, and insisting the Words of Power be found. She offered to tell the heroes about the history of the Creator Races and the Words: the North of Faerûn was once a tropical jungle, ideal for the cold-blooded sarrukh, but as it began to cool the ruler of the sarrukh made the Source Stone and the Words of Power, magical artifacts capable of warming the entire planet. Haedraline explained that the Source Stone, buried beneath Neverwinter in its dormant state, was why the city never experienced harsh winters.

Haedraline later presented herself to the rulers of Neverwinter, who imprisoned her, thinking she was aligned with the other members of the sarrukh. She alerted the city to the presence and location of the Source Stone, and told the heroes how to access it to defeat Morag.[1]


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