Haeshkarr was a demon, more than twenty-thousand years ago.[1]


He was a servant of the demon Lolth, who was at that time still a Tanar'ri and ruled only the Demonweb Pits in the abyss. But Haeshkarr followed some plans for his own and led an orc horde to conquer elven realms on Faerûn in -24400 DR[2]. They destroyed the city Occidian and with that many elven high mages of other cities too. Then they tried to capture the city Sharlarion but met strong resistance by the inhabitants there. The cities defensive army was led by the moon elf Kethryllia Amarillis, who wielded the magical sword Dhashara. They defeated the army of orcs at great costs and finally the priest Anarallath banished the demon Haeshkarr. But the demon reached out for him and took the elf with him to the Demonweb Pits.[1]

Kethryllia, who was the lover of Anarallath, followed both through the magical portal. She fought the minions of Heashkarr and tried to find him in the unknown territory. Instead of the demon she found the goddess Kiaransalee, who was intrigued by her wish for revenge. She helped the moon elf to find Haeshkarr, but Kethryllia should hail to her god Corellon Larethian for every victory she gained here. Finally she managed to kill Heashkarr and fled with her lover back to Toril.[1]

But her hailing stayed not unnoticed in the realm of the Spider Queen. Lolth heard and saw her fight Heashkarr and followed the elves back to their world and therefore learned of Toril and its inhabitants. She also saw a magical weapon worn by Kethryllia, a dagger of the archmage Ka'Narlist. Lolth found him promising and decided to seduce him out of his worship for Ghaunadaur. That was the beginning of her own plans to achieve her godhood back.[1]


Haeshkar was twice as tall as an elf. His head was horned and looked like a massive, wild boar. His body resembled some strong orcs but he had two pairs of strong arms and batlike wings erupted from his shoulders. His skin was a dull color of dessicated wood and his eyes burned in crimson red.[1]


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