A hag was a horrible monstrous humanoid creature whose love of evil was equaled only by her ugliness. All hags were apparently female, at least in form. Hags usually had a strong resistance to magic and were normally weak to fire.


They are the most physically powerful of the hags.
Hags who live in cold regions. They have the power of winter at their disposal.
Bog hag[2]
Death hag[2]
Dune hag[citation needed]
Green hag
They are hags that use their magical powers to lure innocents into their traps.
The male product of hags mating with humans.
Marzanna[citation needed]
Night hag
Hags hailing from the fiendish planes.
Sea hag
Hags found in and along the shores of the sea.
Shrieking hag
Monsters that roam desolate plains and wastelands and love to deceive travelers.



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