Widow Hagatha was an undead cloud giant in the service of Halaster Blackcloak in Undermountain beneath Waterdeep.[1]


In life, Hagatha was considered the most beautiful of all giants.[2] As an undead, she had a decrepit, desiccated appearance, with sickly green skin, rotting clothes, and stringy, black hair.[1]


Hagatha's rare beauty attracted the courtship of many giants, among them Hilgoth, a storm giant prince. Their wedding, held in a cloud palace, was intended to unite giantkind in peace under their rule. However, just as the wedding ceremony ended, the cloud giant Vashanel slew Hilgoth, driven mad with jealousy over Hagatha's love. Vashanel threw Hilgoth's body over the edge of the cloud palace's ramparts, before leaping after it to his death. It was said among giantkind that the impact of the two giants striking the ground formed the Sea of Fallen Stars.[2]

Hagatha spent many years wandering Faerûn in search of Hilgoth's body, seeking to give him a proper burial. She eventually found it in the care of Halaster, who had ground the storm giant's bones to dust over the years for use in his studies. The only intact bone remaining was Hilgoth's ring finger, still fastened with his wedding band, which even Halaster was unable to pry loose.[2]




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