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Hajama was the Zakharan god of bravery. He was one of the eight Great Gods of the Land of Fate and encouraged his followers to never shy away from any opposition-be it in battle or other circumstances. His followers believed that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all, as even living through a defeat strengthens the spirit. Hajama's symbol was a featureless disc or none at all.[2]

In tales the god was described as a stocky man with a long, deeply black beard, who wore either a jellaba or lamellar armor with the color of midnight.[2] Like other Zakharan gods he was above such concerns as alignment, as: "Bravery can be found in the most noble faris and the most black-hearted assassin, and who is Hajama to turn his ear from either of them?"[1]

Hajama's faith was especially strong in regions bordering dangerous areas like deserts and mountains. It was on friendly terms with the faith of Najm. In the Cities of the Pantheon, Brave Hajama was said to be the son of Kor and Najm's twin.[2]


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