Hakiyah was worshiped as the goddess of truth in the lands of Zakhara. She was one of the eight Great Gods of the Land of Fate and preached the value of honesty and calm examination of the truth. Hakiyah's symbol was a cresting wave.[1]

When she appeared as a human, she wore the garb of a city-dweller and guided those around her with the calm voice of reason.[1] Like other Zakharan gods, she was above such concerns as alignment, as truth may be used by a judge to right the wronged or by an evil schemer to bring down his enemies.[2]

Hakiyah's worshipers valued meditation and methodical, rationalized actions. She counted many merchants among them, especially in the Cities of the Pearl. In the Pantheist League, however, her faith was persecuted.[1]

The holy slayer organization known as the Soft Whisper worshiped Hakiyah.[3]



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