Halagothra was a healer and revered citizen of Tarmalune, who lived in the Great Port as of 1479 DR.[1][2]


As of 1479 DR, Halagothra was described as a wrinkled, crotchety old woman.[1]


Halagothra had healing powers similar to those of a priest, although none in the Windrise Ports, not even herself, knew the source of her abilities.[1][2] For this reason Halagothra was revered by the citizens of Tarmalune, to the point of killing anyone who tried to harm her on the spot.[1]

For her services, Halagothra sometimes accepted payment in coin, but most of the time she demanded services (usually asking people to do something good for Tarmalune) instead.[1][2]


In her youth, Halagothra was a cook and kitchen washing-maid.[1]

A few years before 1479 DR, agents of Gauwervyndhal were sent to Tarmalune to kidnap her, however Halagothra was rescued thanks to the efforts of the Vigilant order. The mercenary Rathgar Malynd gave her a secure house and provided for personal guards to watch over her after this event.[1][2]


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