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Halamar's Horses was a stable run by Blasko Halamar.[1]


The stables were located on the eastern side of Beliard, east of the Stone Bridge in the Savage Frontier of Faerûn.[1]


Around 1368 DR to 1370 DR, Blasko, an ex-warrior, ran the place with a dozen local boys, including Hagarl, purchasing lame or tired horses and selling fresh and rested ones as replacements for traveling adventurers.[2]


Halamar was known for buying horses and reselling, but he would always try to keep a ten gold piece profit margin for himself between payments and prices.[3]


  • Horses sold for 25 gp
  • Oxen and mules sold for 20 gp
  • Lame or tired animals bought for 12 gp



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