Halarim Threesilver was a bard from Sembia who was most notable for having recovered the third volume of A Harper's Companion, a series of songbooks.[1]


Halarim was the fourth child of six, and the youngest son, in a moderately wealthy Sembian family who ran jewelry shops. As he grew up, he realized that his older brothers would inherit the family business, and he took up the harp, despite lacking natural musical talent.[1]

Halarim made his way to Waterdeep, where he met a female wizard who invited him to join her companions, a dwarf and half-orc, to work as mercenaries. These mercenaries worked in Cormyr, Sembia, and the Western Heartlands, particularly as scouts, to provide information after the war against the Devil Dragon and the ghazneths.[1]

In a letter to his family dated Eleint 21, 1371 DR, Halarim mentioned having discovered the third volume of A Harper's Companion, a series of songbooks written around 1200 DR by the Cormyrian bard Cressaed Wood. He wrote that he intended to continue pursuing orcs in order to find their lair, with the intent of discovering other items of interest.[1]

The Eleint 21, 1371 DR, letter was the final contact anyone had from Halarim, and he, along with his mercenary company, were never heard from again and presumed dead.[1]



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