Halavar was an archwizard of Palter who spent most of his time entertaining the youth of Netheril. He created a magical item, Halavar's universal pantograph that allowed him to reproduce his puppets and marionettes. Through a strange twist of fate, the device could also copy just about anything that could fit in the box, even living beings.

The pantograph was a small box, about two feet on a side, that was made of oak and bound in silver. It was engraved with marionettes and laughing children. Any item placed within the pantograph was duplicated the moment the lid was closed, creating an exact duplicate that appeared next to the box. It only worked once per day. Living creatures (shrunk down to fit) could also be duplicated, like a clone spell.

He escaped a lynch bob of angry devotees of Selûne and Tyche, but was killed by bandits who ended up using his creation to get rich.