The Half-Elven Renegades was the name given to a group of bandits who raided along the Delimbiyr during the Era of Upheaval.


"Princess" Tianna Skyflower convinced her followers that they were the rightful descendants of Earlann. Some sages even believed that Tianna may really have been descended from the Earlanni ruling house. Tianna's lieutenants were known as "Barons" to further her own perception as a royal. Only one Baron had ever been recorded as being encountered: Rudain, who was a Ranger put in charge of the Renegade base at the Cavern of Blooming Stone.[citation needed]


Every member of the group was a half-elf or a human with a significant amount of elven or drow ancestry. It is unknown if the humans had to prove their lineage somehow. At least one member of each cell of Renegades had access to natural magic in order to use the High Forest itself to foil those attempting to pursue fleeing Renegade parties. [citation needed]


Cells of Renegades were organized into groups of roughly twenty. Three quarters went out on raids while the other quarter consisted of followers who cooked and cleaned for the warriors. These cells knew their way around the southern High Forest and always choose sites that were once occupied by Earlanni elves as bases. The group's main base was never been found by anyone who lived to tell the tale but was known to have been somewhere near Shining Falls.[citation needed]


The Renegades had been raiding along the Delimbiyr River from Shining Falls to Secomber but occasionally went as far west as Daggerford. Their main source of income was ransom demands on those they kidnapped. They kept the demands low and never harmed their captives so as to make it more likely that the demand would be paid but if no one paid up, captives were then sold to the Zhentarim as slaves.[citation needed]

Since the freeing of the Fey'ri, the Renegades found very well-paying work kidnapping gold elves for them so that they could breed the captives with demons to create more of their kind. If Tianna were to find out what the elves were being used for, she would have immediately stopped the trade, so the Fey'ri disguised themselves as members of the Arcane Brotherhood and paid for the elves with Earlanni artifacts.[citation needed]