Halfling bounders are expert fighters of the halfling race who use their own unique physical qualities to form a particular fighting style unique to the hin. Unlike most fighters, halflings use their natural nimbleness and quick wit as their primary methods of survival, making halfling bounders unusually daring warriors.[1]

Halfling bounders are the elite soldiers of halfling society, protecting the nomadic caravans or halfling towns and villages from external harm. When on the offensive halfling bounders focus on hit-and-run tactics to draw out enemy forces, fighting in small "packs."[1]


Halfling bounders are trained to use their physical power and agility in conjunction, being swift while maintaining the capability to deal strong damage. Halfling bounders excel at staying mobile during combat, shifting around their opponents, moving into position to deal bold strikes when the odds seem set against them and luck seems to fortune halfling bounders even more than it does most halflings. Experienced halfling bounders also excel at moving their enemies around the battlefield, forcing the battle into favorable terrain.[1]

The exploits learned by halfling bounders are daring and almost rogue-like in their execution, with the bounders keeping on their enemies' heels throughout combat. Quicksilver lunge, a technique known by experienced bounders, allows a bounder to make a deadly strike from a full run, with more effectiveness than less sophisticated charges allow. This heavy focus on dealing damage does not leave the bounder's job as a defender of others forgotten, however, and bounders often take the blows of imperiled allies, so as to give their comrade a chance to escape or strike back.[1]


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