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The halfling outrider was the champion of defence and scouting of the halfling community. The outrider worked as elite scouts and riders for their communities and were naturally skilled in those areas. Seeing a outrider in the battlefield or at rest was a good sign that a halfling community was nearby but some also take to a life of adventuring and the road.


The halfling outriders were from skilled halfling stock and they came from many walks of life. Amongst them were fighters, rangers, rogues, and druids. All outriders have skills in mounted combat, mounted archery, riding, and scouting skills like listening and spotting.


Defensive riding
The outrider can assume a defensive riding style which he uses to out maneuver enemy attacks. When riding defensively, he can not attack or preform any other actions.
Deflect attack
The rider can use a one handed weapon or shield to deflect an attack against her mount.
Leap from the saddle
If the mount is not moving too fast, the rider can quickly dismount on the move. If the rider dismounts near an enemy, the rider my also charge the enemy in the same move. [1]
Unbroken Charge
The rider skillfully charges over rough terrain as though it was normal ground.
Stand on mount
The outrider skillfully stands on her mount unhindered. While in this position, the rider can fire her missiles without any penalties due to riding.
If the rider is wearing light armour and if she has any bonuses to dodging, these bonuses also apply to the mount when the rider is mounted.
Full mounted attack
The rider attacks an opponent with the full force of her mount while moving, but not when running or charging.
Quick Turn
A skilled rider can attempt to change direction in mid run or charge, but if the rider fails he continues 10 feet in the same direction.[2]



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