The Hall of Four Ghosts (formerly Caddarak) was a logging town on the western edge of the High Forest, east of Stone Bridge in the Dessarin Valley.[1]

The four ghosts, mentioned in the name, refer to lovers responsible for causing one another's deaths. Dwarves approaching the entrance would be met by the ghosts, who would appear to be pleading for something. The last known entry to these ruins, as of 1370 DR, was almost a century prior.[1]

The town featured tunnels which went deep beneath, to a network of caverns. These caverns were also occupied by trolls, and some connected to the Underdark.[1]


Caddarak was established as an overground dwarven logging town, to take wood from the High Forest, and was active in the time of the dwarven realm of Besilmer. It featured a stone hall to its lord, Darthurn, and this hall was the only part of the town to remain after it was abandoned, leading to the name "Hall of Four Ghosts".[2][1]



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