The Hall of the High Hunt is a temple built into the steep western slope of Moondark Hill. It is a great open air pavilion encircled by a tightly packed colonnade of ancient shadowtops. A pure mountain spring rises in the heart of the hill and winds through a series of natural caverns before exiting at the heart of the Shadowtop Glade. The Hall of the High Hunt encloses the Singing Spring of Solonor Thelandira, a gurgling fountain of silver waters whose sacred melodies can cure any wound. The leaf-shadowed Hall of the High Hunt is where the elves receive healing. The air within smells of moss and sweet water, and the song of the silver fountain trills through the woody pavilion.

The Great Archer's house of worship is a mixture of natural and carefully sculpted features emphasizing the competing principles that Solonor tries to balance. The temple is cultivated into the grove of shadowtops each having been carefully tended from a seedling to form two concentric rings of forest giants. Each tree has been grown so as to form one or more natural hollows within its trunk at various elevations, and vine rope bridges are threaded through each tightly packed grove to connect the chambers in the heart of each tree. At ground level, roots, rocks, earth, plants are woven into near impregnable defensive fortifications to ensure the sanctity of the temple perimeter. Earthen chambers are hewn from the dirt beneath the grove, nestled among the tightly woven root structures. In the surrounding woods, trees are carefully planted so as to create narrow, spokelike paths radiating outward from the central grove. Although not immediately obvious to casual observation, the plant growth along such paths is cultivated so as to impede movement but permit the flight of arrows, thus forming natural shooting galleries in which invaders are easily targeted. Solonor's temple contains both ceremonial chambers adorned with hunting trophies and hollows with more practical applications such as crafting and repairing bows and arrows, the curing of venison and other meats, the tanning of hides, and the carving of bones to form tools and figurines.