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The Hall of the Kaliesh'erai was a building in the elven city of Evereska in the Western Heartlands that was the headquarters of the Kaliesh'erai, an association of elven psionicists.[1][2]


A subbasement area of the Hall contained a number of laboratories and vaults holding the group's collection of psionic items, ranging from ordinary power stones to crystal capacitors to potent psicrowns.[1]

The Hall represented the largest collection of psionic lore and knowledge in the surface lands of Faerûn.[1][2]


In the mid-1370s DR, one young member, Reliath Crescentia, robbed the Hall of a number of powerful items. The theft triggered huge debates among the remaining members, which came to focus on the future of the Kaliesh'erai and led to a schism between older conservative and younger expansionist elements.[2]

Rumors and legendsEdit

The Hall of the Kaliesh'erai was rumored to contain cells holding imprisoned psionic monsters—such as couatl, rakshasa, or yuan-ti—that were being studied by the members.[1]

Owing to its collection, the Hall was a potentially tempting target for those would steal from it, or others who rescue or kidnap a captured psionic creature, if the claims were true.[1]



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